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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships

Michael Jordan




A small effort for a significant outcome: we used the Voolpo app earlier this year and the results were very insightful on many levels. First, we got an honest and meaningful feedback from our team, we were also able to get insights about where we stand compared to a benchmark, then the Voolpo team helped us analyze our results and take action. I highly recommend Voolpo to groups who are looking to find their blind spots and improve their performance.

Imad Warde, Product Strategy - HedgeGard



Voolpo's diagnoses have enabled us to better understand the expectations and concerns of our employees. Likewise, this Collective Intelligence tool allowed us to identify certain false perceptions present among our teams and to correct them.

Dominique Gabriel, CEO - Medsquare



Thanks to Voolpo, we've identified several avenues for improvement in our organization, and we've made changes that have made it possible to increase the performance of our team.

Julien Matta, Manager - Coccolo